12 Aug

I've created resources for children for over 30 years, and every single one I try out myself first. 

I was especially excited about seeing how effective 'The Book of Thanks' was. Over the years I have had my own gratitude practice...sometimes sharing a few positives of the day out loud, or writing them down in a notebook or even the notes on my phone. 

It was sporadic.

And this is what excited me about the Book of Thanks- would this become a resource that I could keep by my bed and help me to develop a practice? As long as I could remember to do it last thing at night?

No, my experience exceeded my expectation. It not only shaped my night, but my day.

I found myself alert to the good in each day, so I could record them.

I found myself creating positives in each day, as I wanted them as part of my book.

I found myself modifying my behavior...first intentionally, then automatically.

Initially I had to think about what was positive. After a few days I had to sift though all the positives at the forefront on my mind to decide which I was going to record.

I loved the simple design of the book as I noticed as the days and weeks went on it became my book with all my writing and drawing, not the type set of someone else.

And I loved my fun doodle at the end of the day.

Actually, I looked forward to going to bed so I could complete my page!

I've flicked back over the days, and they make me smile. It's like a positive feeling diary.

I created this for children- but gosh, the child in me loves it too. 

And the adult in me feels brighter and more positive 

-and more thankful.

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