22 Dec

Have you bought a BOOK OF THANKS for someone this Christmas? Here are some tips about how you can introduce it before the 25th, and then add it to your daily routine.

On the lead up to Christmas casually express what you are thankful for. Use the words 'I am thankful for...." Aim to complete the sentence, for example 'I am thankful for this hot cup of tea because.... it's warming my heart and tummy'.

Create a little game at bedtime- what was the best part of your day? Keep it lighthearted. Just a chat. But we are warming up the focus muscles!

See things during the day and maybe highlight that they might end up being the favourite part of your day.


By the time they open their Book of Thanks on Christmas Day they have already started flexing their gratitude muscles. And their Book of Thanks gives them their own space to explore. 

I suggest you keep it by their bed and create quality time together as the last thing you do before they snuggle down for the night.

Do not frame it as a task or something they must do. Make it a cosy sharing, a feel good exercise, a chance to acknowledge and celebrate the good in the day.

The more they do, the more they will look for the positives in the day so they can add to their book. We train the brain to see the glass half full. Actually, full to the brim!

Pease remember, the Book of Thanks is not the place to practice spelling or grammar. Or to develp handwriting skills. It's a resource for childen to express themselves and train focus. Please always keep it a postive, feel good experience.

You might notice that the book has minimal words or instructions. I was very clear when creating it that I didn't want it to be my book, but to have the stamp of every child who uses it. To make it their own.

I am really excited to hear about how your child enjoys their Book of Thanks and how it becomes a special part of their nightly routine and shapes their focus for the day.

In January I will be launching the Gratitude Group to further support children in feeling thankful about themselves and their lives. For more details please see the Events area of my website, and if your choose to register please make sure you put in the code GRATITUDE to receive the course half price.

Thank you for your support and the opportunity to be part of your child's journey to feeling more positive, confident and thankful. 

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