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These are challenging times for our children

We live in a fast paced and uncertain world, and children can find that overwhelming. They can loose their confidence and belief in themselves. They can loose their joy for life. 

To help children cope with this changing world they need tools that will equip them to handle challenges, understand their feelings and make each day a positive experience.

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Joyful Miss Jo makes children's lives easier and brighter

Joyful Miss Jo has been working with children for over 30 years. When she was 17 she set up a drama school for children and went on to study English and Drama at university. She brought Drama therapy to a Special Needs school where she saw the value of storytelling to uplift and help children to understand themselves and feel more confident about the world.

Jo worked in Singapore and Malaysia for 13 years as the Chief Education Specialist for the biggest education provider in South-east Asia, and set up her own Drama School. She created resources for teachers that were sold throughout the world. She completed a Masters in Education and launched LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Drama) into Malaysia and taught the world pilot for their Early Years Teacher Training programme.

Jo returned to the UK, worked with Norfolk County Council to help raise the standards of attainment in the area. She trained as a therapist and set up The Children’s Coach to develop creative ways to help children feel good about themselves and life. 

Joyful Miss Jo has been nominated for an MBE (twice, third time lucky!), awarded 'YOUNG PEOPLE'S HERO', is an International Drama Examiner for Trinity College London, part of Cambridge University's Examining Team, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health. 



Child Reading in the Grass

Joyful Miss Jo loves creating characters for children to learn from, laugh with and be comforted and inspired by. There's a fab series  on the way with different animals and how they handle their emotions.



THE CORONA FAMILY BOOK- to help children see the virus as fun cartoon characters... who never meant to cause any trouble!


Package Delivery

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We're working on these incredible packs which will pop through your letterbox and fill your child with joy! We're SO EXCITED!

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School Cones in Class

We have a whole collection of wonderful Programmes for schools. We package them up, along with all the resources.


Tell Joyful Miss Jo if you want something special for your children and she'll make it just for you- as long as you promise to let her know how it made your school smile!

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Joyful Miss Jo- Chief of Spreading Joy

Joyful Miss Jo thinks she has the best job in the world, and she's right! She listens to what children say they find difficult, and she puts something fun together to help them with it. She's worked with children all over the world- and they all have a special place in her heart.

Mr. Fantastic Phanuel- Head of Operations, Zambia

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Mr. Fantatic Phanuel leads our overseas operations in Zambia. He co-ordinates our child sponsorship programme, ensuring all the children in the village are enrolled in school and organises and hosts our Christmas Day party for all the children in Mwinilunga. He is hardworking, kind, and is driven to make make a difference to every child in need. We think Mr. Fantastic Phanuel is FANTASTIC!

Lovely Linda- Number 1 Number Lady

Lovely Linda loves numbers. She talks about numbers all day and probably dreams about them though the night. So when you add it all up, the sum of it is- Linda has the perfect job! Top Marks for Lovely Linda!


Jolly Jemima- Chief Cheerleader


Jolly Jemima enjoys it when there are celebrations because we have cake. She likes it when people are concentrating, so she can sleep. She actually just enjoys everything. She was awarded the Smiliest Dog in the the county. Honestly. Here's the photo of her being presented with her rosette, and smiling- of course.


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