The beautiful Christmas message that touched everyone's hearts. This year I have created a set, including a signed copy of 'A Bear Christmas' book and Buddy's special golden bag, featured in the story, containing the 5 little objects. Please let me know who this book is for and I will sign their copy.

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Buddy Bear loves Christmas. It's his favourite time of the year. However, this year it is different. There are no presents under the tree. It is bare- apart from a glimmering, golden pouch. 

Inside are five small objects-

  • A key- to remind him he has a home
  • A candle- to remind him he is loved, even if those people are not with him
  • A star- to remind him to shine bright
  • A wooded heart- to remind him he is always loved 
  • A smile- to remind him of the joy he gives to others

These special gifts make him realise he is the luckiest boy. And the best presents are not those under the tree but in the love of the people around us.

'A Bear Christmas' is written in verse, like many of the Christmas classics, and beautifully illustrated. 

It is the perfect festive read for ALL the family.

This set includes a signed copy of 'A Bear Christmas' and the special golden bag containing the 5 little objects.

It is suggested that the book is read to the child before Christmas, maybe on Christmas eve- and the bag is put under the Christmas tree to be found on Christmas Day- just like Buddy did! 

Or of course, it is the perfect gift wrapped together so the child is introduced to all the elements of the story along with the practical bag.