Thank you 2020- you weren’t as any of us predicted, but you've brought great gifts. I've been able to pause, reflect and take massive action. This year I have

☀️ Moved over to a virtual platform

☀️ Written two books

☀️ Edited another

☀️ Been named International Education Hero of the Year

☀️ Been mentored by Britain’s Top Coach

☀️ Coordinated sponsoring 50 children’s education in Zambia

☀️ Enabled a Christmas party for all the children in Mwunlinga

☀️ Provided 2 televisions for Nswanakudya school

And next?

💝 I’ve already written my next book and it’s winging its way to be illustrated

💝 Research has commenced for the book after that!

💝 And I’ve been asked to write a book for an amazing company

💝 I’m in talks with some fantastic people exploring projects together

💝 My young clients are going from strength to strength

💝 I’m finding ways to be back working in schools

💝 Lots of new schools are asking me to create things for them

💝 My examining has transitioned to being digital until I can travel abroad

💝 I am discussing ways we can support the children in Mwunlinga so they make the most of the new technology we provided

💝 I’m about to launch a new initiative that will showcase an inspirational child each month

💝 And who knows what else? How exciting!

Thank you everyone for your support in all I do. I am blessed to be surrounded by a community of incredible people who believe in me, cheer me on and celebrate alongside me.

And 2021? Bring it on!

Happy New Year to us all.

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